Play with your HeroForge minis on a Virtual Tabletop

In a previous article, we’ve presented you our flat and paper minis for our 3D Virtual Tabletop at Harpy. Today we are thrilled to announce that you can finally play with your HeroForge minis directly in Harpy‘s VTT. We’ve been working hard with the awesome peeps at HeroForge to make it as seamless as possible for you.

What’s HeroForge?

If you’ve never heard of HeroForge and you’re a TTRPG fan, well you’re in for a treat. HeroForge is a web platform allowing you to create and customize your tabletop miniatures whether you want to get a physical 3D-printed miniature or just the 3D version of it for your VTT games. You can customize pretty much everything, the outfit, the gears, the pose, the colors and even the light sources. Make sure to have a few hours to kill because you’re about to go down the rabbit hole.

What’s Harpy?

Harpy is a 3D Virtual Tabletop, a Campaign manager and a Play-by-post web platform for TTRPG lovers. It’s available in english, french, german and portuguese and works natively on desktop, tablet and mobile. Our Codex allows you to prepare your games by creating your NPCs, places, items and everything you may need in your campaign. You’ll then be able to assign maps to your places and drop all your characters and monsters on it.

Until now we only supported flat and paper tokens so what better partnership than HeroForge to improve our 3D Virtual Tabletop experience. Brace yourself, you’re about to play with awesome minis on an awesome 3D VTT.

Harpy x HeroForge

So, how does it work? Well we worked hard with HeroForge to make it the simplest possible for you. First, head over to your HeroForge profile page and copy your API Key at the bottom of the form.

Then open up your game on Harpy and drop a map, if you don’t have one yet. A new round button with a pawn will appear, it’s the “tokens menu”. Click on it then select the new HeroForge tab.

Simply paste your API key and click the “Link HeroForge account” button. Your “3D Digital” HeroForge minis should appear!

⚠️ Important: Only the “3D Digital” minis will be available on Harpy. Not the “Plastic”, “Premium plastic” or any any other types of minis you might have bought on HeroForge.

Click a miniature to add it to your tray (it’s like a DM’s shortcut bar), close the tokens menu then drag the minis from the 3D tray into your scene! You’re ready to play!

You can also use our Codex to prepare your games ahead and assign several minis to any character. Check out this article to learn more about that.

That’s it! If you don’t have an Harpy account yet, make sure to create one. It’s pretty awesome… and free!