4 awesome Paper minis Patreons for your Virtual Tabletop

In our latest release of Harpy, we’ve added the ability to use Paper tokens (also called paper minis) on our 3D Virtual Tabletop (VTT)! You can use any image to create your tokens but did you know that many content creators on Patreon offer high quality paper minis for the price of a pint every month? If not, follow me as I introduce you to the wonderful world of Paper tokens!

Paper forge

Paper Forge creates Characters, Paper Miniatures, VTT Tokens & Props for RPGs. We, at Harpy, love this style of paper minis. They look so clean and each release has a ton of variants. Also, once you have access to their Discord you’ll be part of a great community who often share their own awesome variants.


  • Copper Novice“: 1€/month
  • “Iron Apprentice“: 2€/month
  • Steel Journeyman“: 3€/month
  • Titanium Adept“: 3.5€/month
  • Mithril Master“: 7€/month

Garneth’s Emporium

In our emporium you will find supplements for your RPG campaigns such as D&D, Pathfinder and other tabletop games, so becoming our patron, you will find a new print-ready character scaled around to 25/30mm every month, with recolor versions, vtt tokens, trading card, large portrait, custom character sheet, source file and step by step painting process. The higher the chosen tier, the greater the access to the available material.

Definitely check out their work. It looks amazing and they really deserve WAY more patrons.


  • “Wanderer”: 1€/month
  • “Rover”: 2€/month
  • “Adventurer”: 3€/month
  • “Knight Errant”: 3.75€/month
  • “Lionheart”: 7€/month

Printable Heroes

PrintableHeroes creates awesome paper and flat tokens. Their files are to be printed but you can also use them on our Virtual Tabletop at Harpy.


  • Adventurers“: 1€/month
  • “Veterans”: 2€/month
  • “Champions”: 3€/month
  • “Artisans”: 3.5€/month
  • “The Council”: 4.5€/month
  • “Legends”: 9€/month

Paper Mage

Paper Mage create both flat and paper minis. Yet another really nice style of paper miniatures. Take a look at their catalog, I’m sure you’ll find all the minis you need for your campaign.


  • Graphite“: 1€/month
  • “Ebony”: 2€/month
  • “Crimson”: 3€/month
  • “Onyx”: 3.5€/month
  • “Shamrock”: 4.5€/month
  • “Tourmaline”: 9€/month

(I gotta say all those Patreons are way too good at finding the coolest Tier names)


This is it. Don’t tell me they don’t deserve a few bucks! So toss a coin to your Paper mini maker! And once you own the greatest minis collection, remember that you can use them on Harpy! It looks amazing in our 3D Virtual Tabletop, don’t you think?