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Welcome to Harpy!

Harpy is a platform for Tabletop RPG lovers. Whether you want to Create your World, Manage your Campaign, Play by post or on a Virtual Tabletop (VTT), Harpy has it all. It works on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet and is translated in 4 languages (english, french, portuguese, german) and even more to come.

Hello there. I’m Maslow, the Co-founder of Harpy. In 2019, I was running a D&D game. Since it was difficult to gather the players on a regular basis, I looked for a way to play asynchronously between our IRL games. The few people who did that at the time were playing by forum, but it felt slow and impraticable. That’s how the idea of a Roleplay chat was born. It was called “Tales” and allowed players and GMs to speak as their character in a RP chat and roll dice, share GIFs and react to the adventure on another dedicated chat. A Story was divided into Chapters to keep the narration clean. A player could speak as their character, describe their action or share their thoughts.

The platform evolved following the features frequently asked by the players and GMs. Thus the Codex was born. A World builder and Campaign manager where GMs can create everything useful to their stories. Characters (NPCs), Monsters, Places, Groups, Items, Chapters, Events and Notes. Those entities are the spine of Harpy. Each entity has its own wiki, with pages and blocks (text, galleries, tables, etc) which can be shared across other siblings.

In 2021, Naiyo joined the team and started working on the next logical step: our own Virtual Tabletop. Many of the existing VTT were limited to a top down view but we wanted more immersion so we chose to create a 3D Virtual Tabletop (VTT). We wanted to decorate our maps with 3d assets, create standing paper tokens from artworks and use our favorite miniatures from HeroForge. We wanted the battlemap to be either an image or a video since many dynamic maps (like Dynamic Dungeons) were available in the Patreon TTRPG Community. To support as many systems as possible we made sure the 3 most common grids were available (squares, vertical and horizontal hexagons). We created the experience we were eager to have.

Harpy is made by TTRPG lovers for TTRPG lovers. It’s community driven and it’s barely starting to show its full potential. This blog will be a way for us to keep our community informed of our various events and updates. We hope you’ll enjoy the app as much as we enjoy working on it. Have fun!