How to play with Paper tokens on our Virtual Tabletop (VTT)

It’s been only a few days since our Video chat and audio sharing release and we already have some awesome stuff for you all. Today’s update “16.0.0” brings a pretty cool new feature: Paper tokens! Well, not only paper tokens but also the ability to assign any number of tokens (flat or paper) to your characters and creatures from the Codex. So let’s have a look!

First of all, open up your Codex and select any character or creature. For this example, we’ll select our troglodyte creature. Let’s select the new “Tokens” tab.

As you can see, on the right you have your list of tokens (paper, flat and… hum something else). On the left, you’ll find a 3D preview of the selected token.

Flat tokens

So by default, all creatures and characters have only one token. A flat one, based on their image. Those tokens are just basic cylinders with an image on top. You can create as many as you want so let’s create a variant for our troglodyte. Click the “Plus” square button in the “Flat tokens” area. Once in the modal, upload your image and crop it as you want. Click “Save”. It’s done!

By clicking on a token you’ll see a popover with a few options:

  • Preview the token in the 3D area
  • Select it as default (this will be used every time you drop it from the tray)
  • Edit the token (redefine the crop area or update the image)
  • Delete the token

Paper tokens

Ok that’s pretty straightforward! Now let’s create a Paper token. Click on a “Plus” square button in the “Paper tokens” area. You’ll see a similar modal with an upload field. Drop your image and crop it. If you need you can resize and move the base to align it with your creature’s feet.

Alright it looks… not bad. Maybe a transparent image would look better. Let’s try our variant now! We’ll use a png file this time.

How to create an encounter

Awesome! Let’s test it out! Head over to the Virtual Tabletop menu, go to your game (or create one) and set your scene with an awesome battlemap (like the ones at Cze peku).

Those maps look so good! Anyway, let’s add some foes to defend that radiant door. Click on the “Pawn” icon to open the token selector, select the “Codex” tab, filter by “Creature” and choose the Troglodyte. Great it’s on your tray now!

Your tray is like a shortcut bar where you can put all the tokens you might need during your game. Your players don’t see it so feel free to put everything you’ll need there. Let’s drop our creature from the tray to the board, update the token and duplicate it to create our encounter.

Here you go, your encounter is ready and your paper tokens look awesome!


That’s it! This can seem tedious but you shouldn’t have to do that on the fly. Prepare your game in advance by filling your Codex, create your NPCs/monsters and setup your scenes and encounters. Once your scenes are ready and your tray filled with tokens, it will be a matter of seconds for you to create an encounter.

If you’re looking for awesome Paper minis to use on our VTT, check out our article listing 4 awesome paper minis Patreons that we love. And if you’re already convinced, then go ahead and give Harpy a try!